Day 1: New account


Okay, so I finally got into this game now that I have the time to do so, just got registered and everything. If you look my summoner profile up right now, I’m level 1. This game got very good reviews from people I know, and the graphics speak for themselves: it looks awesome. I already looked up some vifeos, this is going to be sick and I can’t wait. The bad news is I can’t run this game on my desktop (needs a better PC).

But fear not: I can run League of Legends on my laptop! Though, it looks like I’ll have to invest in a laptop mouse in the near future, the keyboard mousepad doesn’t make things easier for me. Anyways, let’s look at how I did in Battle Training and my very first Co-op vs AI game. Without further ado, let’s check out my results for today’s games, shall we?

(Author’s note: I think this is the format I’ll be using for subsequent posts on future games.)

Battle Training

Champion Used: Ashe
Item Build: Click here to view

I didn’t do too bad, but remember that this was training and not an actual match. Using a keyboard mousepad doesn’t make things easy for me and it’s clear that I need to practice last hitting minions better. I need to learn how to use my champions effectively, but this is just my first game so I’m quite satisfied.


After this game, I went out and bought Garen as my first champion. I never used him before so I tested him out following a guide of course. Without rune pages and masteries in use due to me being a low level player, these builds won’t be as effective as they should.

First Co-op vs AI game

Champion Used: Garen
Item Build: Click here to view


I forgot to screenshot the post game screen but my score, if you look up my summoner profile, came out to be 6/4/3. For those that don’t know the format, this translates to 6 kills, 4 deaths, and 3 assists. For my first game, this score wasn’t too bad: if only you could see the joy in my face when I managed to get the notification “Sukau is on a killing spree!”.

Sucks that my joy was cut short by the Malphite Bot that ganked me. But that’s not what really troubled me though: since this was my first game playing with others, I got a taste of the dark side of League of Legends community. I’ve heard stories from friends, sure, but I just passed it off as probably exaggeration. Boy, how wrong was I…this player TSM StrapDraven (the player probably though he was an expert on wordplay since name is a parody on the pro League of Legends team TSM Snapdragon) was being pretty impatient with the team, using profanity blocked through chat filters, while he should know full well that a game can take 30-45 minutes each.

For my first day, this was pretty insightful. I did like the fact the Riot is really trying to make the game enjoyable for everyone and the game has so many features that enforce player behavior. League of Legends has the rep for having the most toxic community ever, so it’s no wonder why Riot hired a team of people that dedicate themselves on focusing how to make the community better, creating stuff such as the Honor system and the Tribunal.

At the end of the day, I’m level 3 now. Not too shabby, huh?



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