Day 2: Bot games

I wanted to participate in the forums, introduce myself and talk with others today but I can’t log into the website. I tested it with another account I made and it works, so I’m confused on why I can’t log in with the other. After testing with different browsers, I resigned myself to sending a ticket to support explaining my situation so let’s hope for a swift response.

Today I decided to do some research on all the champions League of Legends offers. Since then, I met and fell in love with Ezreal: he’s so cool looking. Seeing as he was one of the champions on sale this week, I bought him and gave him a test drive.

(Author’s note: Learning the League of Legends terminology, so bear with me!)

First Co-op vs AI game

Champion Used: Ezreal
Item Build: Click here to view

I’m starting to regularly practice via Co-op vs AI games with other players. I don’t have any friends so I just click the option “Match me with teammates”. Due to Fraps not working with the client for some strange reason, I couldn’t take any screenshots of the actual game. Not only that, I couldn’t even report the most awful spammer I have met in this game so far. If you see anyone like that who spams in the metagame (which is what this person did), I’d suggest you just take the 5 minute queue penalty.


My stats for this game is 1/3/3. Once again, for those that don’t know the format, that means 1 kill, 3 deaths and 3 assists. It’s clear that I need more practice with this character and, of course, I couldn’t expect myself to be a pro overnight. Despite this pretty bad play, I did learn some things: as a newbie, I can’t afford to be aggressive. And the lack of farming skills (pitiful 82 minions killed) is a reminder that I need to buy a laptop mouse as soon as freaking possible. This keyboard mousepad is definitely not going to cut it.

Second Co-op vs AI game

Champion Used: Ashe
Item Build: Click here to view

Right after Ezreal, I went out and bought Ashe as my 3rd champion in my roster. This game wasn’t too bad, I used the same guide last time I used Ashe and it seems to be working out for me. Sure, I did die one too many times but look at that awesome score: 2/3/13. Okay, so I didn’t rack up kills as an ADC should have but I did managed to get a ton of assists alongside Volibear. That champion is a beast! I still have problems with last-hitting minions, but we’re making progress…

Third Co-op vs AI game

Champion Used: Garen
Item Build: Click here to view

Decided to use him again, and I don’t regret my choice: 5/2/5. If this isn’t good enough, I even managed to get a notice saying “Sukau is on a rampage!”. Words cannot express how good it feels to achieve in this game, although this is probably no big deal in everyone else’s eyes. But I did notice that I die after getting 3 kills in a row, but I managed to get that “Sukau is on a rampage!” message after I killed another persona after I respawned. I’m guessing when a minion kills you, you don’t necessarily get your kill streak “shut down”.

Wet from level 3 to level 5 today: I may be a new player, but I am certainly picking up this game quick! Sorry that I couldn’t really give screenshots this time, I’m trying to make Fraps work. Despite this setback, I will make it happen! /optismism

In other news, I got a surprise in the mail today: a prelude to League of Legends fanart on this blog? I’d certainly like to think so. Ohhh! Did I mention that I have a tumblr page now?


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