Day 3: LeaverBuster

I need to get away from this game for today: the frustration I’m feeling is escalating for the moment. Disconnects, super lag (we need East Coast servers), and reported for AFKing by accident since I had lag spikes. So now I have LeaverBuster Level 1 warning, sigh. Riot’s support team answered my ticket about how I can’t log into my account on the website, but it was no help. Not exactly my day, is it?

The games today were awful to say the least, first one I got a weird disconnect so I didn’t get to finish. The 2nd game that I had after restarting my computer was exasperating due to a player AFKing and insisted on mid lane when someone else already called it. AS you can imagine, two people were fighting in mid, leaving me to fight in bot alone. Experienced players can do this either way, sure, but I’m no good yet. Not feeling too chipper currently, so I’m going to take a break.

Hoping for a better tomorrow. /lowmorale